3 August 2011


Morning calm soaps by K. Hwasoon
via here

Katie Bell's artwork
via here

When I saw that first image on V's blog, it instantly reminded me of Katie Bell's artwork.  I love the subtle colours and the slightly imperfect shapes.

If you need some beauty and a sense of peace, make sure you visit V's wonderful blog A butterfly in my hair. It's exquisite.


vibeke said...

i always love your similarity posts
and of cource especially this one : )

THANK you so much for the heartwarming words about my blog dear friend,
you made my day!


vibeke said...

me again, forgot something:

i LOVED what you wrote (in the comment under my morning calm post) about sensitivity! i SO agree with everything you wrote.... i really think the world could benefit from embracing more sensitivity. sadly there is a lot of people who see it more as a weakness...

i have to check out the two perfumes you mention under my perfumepost. i also LOVE neroli : )
both me and my husband get headache from mostly all perfumes.

want to write you a letter,
can i use the same adress as last time?