3 August 2011

Wrought iron

via unknown

via unknown

For those who particularly loved the wrought iron balcony and door in yesterday's Shutters post . I also love the nostalgic feel of the pictures.


agnes szucs said...

Thank you!

Blue Fruit said...

Oh how thoughtful! Loving this series! I could look at images like these all day long...but work awaits!

Do you think we are suddenly seeing wrought iron lace with new eyes because lace is appearing on the catwalk and in streetwear too? Just wondering....

chasing lightning bugs said...


demie said...

love these pictures Ellen! the second one is so dreamy and atmospherical...

E. said...

@ Agnes, Chasing Lightning bugs and Demie: so glad you like them. thank you for the lovely comments

@Blue fruit: Thank you so much for becoming a follower! I think you are absolutely right. Isn't it interesting how our way of 'seeings' things can shift and evolve? Everything is always new and yet old at the same time. I love that.

Btw there has been a lace-post in the making for quite some time. However, sometimes I decide not to post something when I've already seen so much about it on other blogs and sites. It's a balance I find quite hard to get 'right'.

X E.