7 August 2011


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Today I'm off to the Antwerp Fashion Museum, MoMu, to see the exhibition Unravel. As an avid knitter I'm looking forward to some amazing knitwear pieces and inspiration. Hope you're having a lovely Sunday as well.


agnes szucs said...

now, that sounds good!
hope we'll get some little report about it. :)


The PvdH Journal said...

Very jealous here! Like Agnes, I hope to see a little report as well! You've got a great blog here, I'm glad to have stumbled into it. Def following

PvdH -designer and illustrator


Carole said...

Photos, lots of photos! Please.

E. said...

@ Agnes & Carole: I'll definitely write a post asap WITH images (even though my camera wasn't cooperating :-))

@ The PvdH Journal: Thank you for your kind words! It always makes me happy when I hear people enjoy the blog. Feel free to become a follower via google!

x E.

demie said...

is that Tilda Swinton by the way? i love this woman!

Anonymous said...

fabulous cover! have fun at the Fashion Museum, sweets! love your Blog!

btw, I have a little jewelry Giveaway over my place if you wanna check it out, and might like to enter! http://some-kind-of-style.blogspot.com/2011/08/giveaway-of-sheyna-moonstone-earrings.html Thank you!

Fedulab said...

Great museum, Have a nice day there
;) Federica

E. said...

@ Demie: Yes, it is Tilda! I love her too!

@SomeKindofStyle and Fedulab: thank you for the kind words! Welcome to my blog!

X E.