2 August 2011

Antwerp tip

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If you ever find yourself in Antwerp looking for a lovely place to relax, have a coffee or lunch, do stop by Cafématic. It is just around the corner of my apartment and one of my favourite go-to places. It has that homely, slightly retro-feel that I love.  I often spend an afternoon or morning there, reading, writing and drinking cardamom lattes.  It is located at Vleminckveld, 4, 2000 Antwerp, in the very centre of the city and very close to the new (and luxurious) youth hostel.


chasing lightning bugs said...

i adore antwerp. it holds a special spot in my heart. i would love to return and have coffee at cafematic. it looks wonderful.
antwerp birthed my love of great danes, when i was 21.

jokemijn said...

die kende ik nog niet, ziet er gezellig uit! Ik hou wel van de vloer en dan dat mintkleurtje op de muren.

E. said...

@Chasing Lightning bugs: I am intrigued about the Great Danes (I'm visualisind dogs?)

@ Jokemijn: Zeker eens langsgaan. Echt een leuke plek, met heel vriendelijke, warme mensen. Vooral fijn op uren dat er weinig volk is, dan heb je echt dat huiskamergevoel. Ze hebben ook lekkere taart!

X E.