31 December 2011


Artist Camomile Hixon
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Wishing you all a wonderful New Year's Eve and an even better 2012.


24 December 2011

Merry X-mas

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A very merry X-mas to you all!


19 December 2011


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The dust of change is slowly settling. I hope to be back into the blogging game soon!

1 December 2011


Illustrator & artist E. Barnett
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Two more final days of packing before the move. I'm beginning to get really nervous about the new place. Will I enjoy living there? What if I don't? As my home is the most important place for me in the world, a haven, a sanctuary, I am stressing about a lot of 'what if's?'  Hopefully, once we've moved, things will settle down on their own. 

27 November 2011


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Now that we've kicked into full moving-house gear, I'm wishing for a minimalist lifestyle. I never knew we had this much stuff!

24 November 2011


Editorial Back to basics
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Robert Frank, NY, 1948
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23 November 2011

22 November 2011

21 November 2011


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I have been struck by lightning.

20 November 2011


The Load, Michaël Borremans, 2008
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Portrait of young girl hiding her eyes, .
 P.A.Rotari, 18th C.
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They both intensely move me.


Dior homme
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Folder 2004 by M. Nagtzaam
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 By Jessica Bell
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16 November 2011

Ain't no sunshine

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It's getting really, really cold outside.

Inspired by Bauhaus

Textile design by Bauhaus designer Gunta Stölzl,
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Tiles by Lubna Chowdary
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14 November 2011

Bathroom lust

Three weeks to go before the move. Lots of things to do still (oh how I hate packing!). Thank god there's some time still to dream about beautiful things, such as a new bathroom. Italian company Agape make the most beautiful baths. Yum!

Red collar

Detachable leather collar by

Etude VII by G. Lavigne
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13 November 2011

Tablecloth art

by artist & photographer Ania Wawrzkowicz
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I love this work by Ania Wawrzkowicz. Place some cress seeds on a patterened tablecloth. Water. Wait. Harvest. Eat. 

Dream of life

Patti Smith
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Watching today: Dream of life,  Steven Sebring's film about Patti Smith.

12 November 2011

Isn't this just

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? Right?

Back to back

Anna Kids
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Nadav Kander
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Peter Lindbergh

Ronald Partridge
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The human back is such a beautiful thing. It is sexy while still being classy and slightly aloof.
 Besides hands, it must be my favourite part of someone's body.


Tapestry pouf
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Hussein Chalayan, SS 2012
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MMMargiela, SS 2012
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Ok, technically, the Margiela boots are not made of tapestry but eeuhm, 'carpetry'? I think I just invented a word!  Tapestry is hip again, just like all those other textile arts, including macramé. I loved braiding macramé pieces as a child.

Colour story

APC bag
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Untitled, Blinky Palermo, 1969
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Photographer Senne Van der Ven
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11 November 2011


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breathe ...

10 November 2011

Ice art

Ice forms by Ryuijie
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