28 February 2012

27 February 2012


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22 February 2012

Blog birthday

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Today my blog turns 1!  

It's been a lovely year of self-discovery. Yet, most of all I'm impressed by all the wonderful, kind and inspiring women I've 'met' through this blogging thing (yes, they've all been women - men are welcome too though!) 

Thank you all so much for being part of my world!

Love, E.

21 February 2012


Tim Walker, W mag, March 2012
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Waiting for the trees to start blossoming.

19 February 2012


Vase by Wonderable
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Browsing the net in search of beautiful items for our apartment, I came across Dutch company Wonderable.   Its founder, Carla Peters, designs and makes the most exquisite home accessories in cooperation with craftspeople around the globe. I'm in love with the vase above; made in Thailand with a Dutch Delft-like pattern. 

12 February 2012

Colour story

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Colourless record, Belong, record sleeve
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Pink and sage green.

3 February 2012

It's here

the first snow this winter