31 July 2011

If only it were that simple ...

Flowmarket is a store that - in their own words - materializes our immaterial needs.  According to them, this is 'the new generation luxury." The idea behind this concept is that change happens when we change our mindset, so they sell little (empty) cans of Well-being, Intimacy, and much more. I'd definitely get myself some Silence and maybe some Inner peace.

I love the concept. However, the fact that they actually sell these cans for $19,14 a piece??  Not so much!  

(Did someone just say 'The Emperor's new clothes' ???)

30 July 2011


Joan Crawford in Sadie McKee, 1934
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29 July 2011

Colour story

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Bumblebee colours.  For any Belgian readers: I have no political motives with this post!!


Illustrator Aurore de la Morinerie
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Peter Schroth, BWN 3, 2008
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Artist Ana Kras
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Take a bite

Information ate my table

Recycled wood bracelet
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28 July 2011


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This makes me laugh!  Click on the image to enlarge so you can read the text.

Follow where my eyes go

Zebra crossing by Jino Lee
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Painter Art Hetart
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Belgian artist Cel Overberghe
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Wouldn't it be nice ...

Sculpture by Barbara Hepworth

... if we were allowed to touch sculptures in museums?  

I have always thought how unfair it is that we can only watch, not feel. Isn't that what sculpture should be all about? Stretching out your hands and then ... touching. Exploring your feelings through closed eyes and hungry fingertips? Texture, smoothness, coldness. Slippery, rough.  Revisiting the sensation the artist had when they created it for us?

I would love that.

27 July 2011


Styling Shane Powers

Leaf art by Lorenzo Durán
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Quiet beauty

The Virgin Spring, photographs by J. Hetta
Acne paper #12
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The atmosphere and colours of this editorial really speak to me. Such tenderness too.

26 July 2011

Vertical garden

Athenaeum Hotel, London
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Capitol shop
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 We live in the centre of Antwerp and do not have a garden. I'd love one of these!  Not sure though how our cat would react. Quite hard to snooze in the sun on a vertical garden.


Photographer J.D.Okhai Ojeikere
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25 July 2011


Ebony and onyx necklace

Black paper brooch

Paper and photo-print brooch

Paper sea-anemone brooch

I have a complicated relationship with jewellery: although I can really appreciate its beauty on others, I don't really wear any myself, except for one ring.  Somehow, I always feel overdressed when I'm wearing more.  However, I could make an exception for Flora Vagi's designs.  She's a young, Hungarian designer I discovered via here. Her pieces are real works of art, and made of the most unusual materials, such as paper and wood.  Above some of my favourite pieces. Check out more on her website.

24 July 2011


Over the past few days, I have been confronted with images of the horrific events in Oslo and Utoya. My heart goes out to all Norwegians out there.  It feels like the attack was directed at a country known for its openness and kindness. Even in this blogging world, their warmth and love permeates. Over the past months, I have received nothing but kindness from my Norwegian readers, even though I have never met any of them.  

I am impressed with how they react as a nation to this tragedy too. Even in such dreadfully sad times, it touches me to see how their reactions are all full of dignity and love.  Even though it may be so easy now to retaliate out of anger, they refuse to be drawn into the destructiveness of hatred.

Norway and all your children all over the world, you are in my heart and in my thoughts.

23 July 2011


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Vase by ceramicist Georges Jouve
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22 July 2011


Alexander Calder's home
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Today would have been Alexander Calder's 113th birthday. Hip hip hurrah!


Hoja elegante, Flor Garduño

Madagascar, Fréderic Lagrange
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21 July 2011


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This is why I love reading so much.


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Some of you may remember the writing project I was working on with illustrator Hanne de Brabander a few months ago. I realized I forgot to mention the book has been finished for a while now!  It's a picture-book for  children about a girl and her grandfather. Above you can see the cover and another image. If you click on this link, you can see some more images on Hanne's site.


Anna Kaschel, graduation project, 2011
Antwerp Fashion Academy

Brianza, Italy, 1870
by R. F. Johnson
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19 July 2011


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For those who haven't discovered it yet: check out digital magazine Kinfolkmag, a guide to "small gatherings". I adore the idea behind it. I long for some small gatherings with kindred folks myself!

17 July 2011

Follow where my eyes go

Artwork by Nikola Ginzel
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Our eyes are so much 'smarter' than our head. It always enchants me how mine seem to work out their own road whenever I am 'harvesting' images for my blog. I very rarely look for specific images. Instead, I save anything that catches my attention. It might be something I know I love, but more often it will be something that speaks to me without my knowing why. It is as if the images choose me instead of the other way around. It always enchants me when patterns appear only afterwards. (Or am I the one creating the patterns?) (Thinking like that makes me dizzy!)

Through blogging, my eyes have taught me that I'm drawn most to similarity (and as an extension, contrast).  I wish they will teach me more about myself and my direction in life. Ideas simmer gently inside of me, but I long for an eruption of some kind soon ...

What is your blogging technique?