17 July 2011

Follow where my eyes go

Artwork by Nikola Ginzel
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via unknown

Our eyes are so much 'smarter' than our head. It always enchants me how mine seem to work out their own road whenever I am 'harvesting' images for my blog. I very rarely look for specific images. Instead, I save anything that catches my attention. It might be something I know I love, but more often it will be something that speaks to me without my knowing why. It is as if the images choose me instead of the other way around. It always enchants me when patterns appear only afterwards. (Or am I the one creating the patterns?) (Thinking like that makes me dizzy!)

Through blogging, my eyes have taught me that I'm drawn most to similarity (and as an extension, contrast).  I wish they will teach me more about myself and my direction in life. Ideas simmer gently inside of me, but I long for an eruption of some kind soon ...

What is your blogging technique?


agnes szucs said...

with my "things" or "color story" and other similar posts, my technique is almost the same... sometimes i make a succession of pairs, sometimes i try and create a story... but actually, i would love to do more randoms that would still create a kind of a story but with seemingly more unrelated images...

it's so much fun when i see similar thing almost next to each other in ACDSee... :) but i hate it when i remember i had something similar and can't find it. :P (i have now something like 30+ thousand images in my stuff i like folder... overwhelming :D)

when i look at images i usually get two things...

feelings, they make me feel, get into a mood... undescribable, but i guess you know this. :)

the other is design ideas... wherever i see i get design ideas.

but at times i get overwhelmed. :P :P

i adore the similarities you find, E. They are very delicate. and they make me feel.

waiting for your "eruption"... (and mine, too, hehe.)

lots of hugs,

Jenny Woolf said...

Three fascinating images. I am often inspired when blogging by photographs which I have saved as being somehow "special". Usually, though, they don't have this kind of synchronicity.

E. said...

@ agnes Thanks for sharing your views on blogging. It's so interesting to see how others go about it. I can relate to what you say about doing more random posts! It's something I have been thinking about for quite some time. Somehow it feels more 'creative' than creating a story based on similarities.

As for having too many images to sift through when you're looking for something specific: Iknow what you mean! My computer is bursting with images too. It makes me scream sometimes!! :-))

X E.

@ Jenny Thank you for your feedback! And welcome to my blog! Enjoy!

X E.

agnes szucs said...

:) hehe... :)

vibeke said...

you know i LOVE your blogposts so for me it was very interesting to read about how they develop! the mood you create in here fills me, moves me in the depth...

love the images you have put together!
i have noticed that i am drawn against different shades of yellow these days and that has almost never happened to me before. nice to be in change : )