29 March 2013

Suspended coffees

Spotted on the net today: the - originally Italian - tradition of suspended coffees.

Makes me hopeful about the human race.


28 March 2013

Eva Schreuder

Last weekend, I discovered this lovely Dutch jewellery designer at the Invasie of Antwerp - a platform for young designers. Most of the jewellery displayed there had those angular shapes which you see everywhere nowadays - and which I'm SO over seeing!  

And then I spotted her, tucked away in a corner. This lovely young girl, who'd made her own, really original display, floating through the space she was assigned. Her pieces have a really delicate, refined touch. I admire bold jewellery on others, but on me it doesn't work. Looking for the right kind of accessories, therefore, can be frustrating. Eva's work, though, looked as if it was made for me. They have a slight vintagey feel and are beautifully matte, which I love in jewellery. The fact that she turned out to be a really kind girl, a sensitive soul with a passion for beauty, was a bonus. I actually had to stop myself from giving her a hug! I couldn't NOT buy something and now I'm the proud owner of one of her rings. A ring to celebrate new beginnings and my own strength. Thank you Eva!

Check out more of her work on Eva Schreuder.

27 March 2013


Today I discovered my jasmine shrub is sprouting. It always amazes me how things in nature that look really, really dead come back alive. Such a good life lesson for us humans too ...

24 March 2013

The best things in life happen to you when you're alone - A. Martin

The Islands, Agnes Martin, 1961

I have always loved her work, but had never seen this interview

21 March 2013

Spring come soon

Facelift by Jon Pestoni, 2011

Longing for some colour among all that gray outside ...

16 March 2013

12 March 2013

Cabin love

I want to live in this cabin in New Zealand! Done up by the team behind the line x shape x colour blog.
The last picture is the cabin before its renovation, but I actually like it more than its new outside, which you can see here.

5 March 2013

Through Landscape

Through Landscape, ceramics by Young-Mi Kim

Ceramics by Korean artist Young-Mi Kim. The series Through Landscape was inspired by Sweden, where she stayed to get her Masters in Fine Arts.

Simply beautiful and beautifully simple.

4 March 2013


Robe Géographique by Elisabeth Lecour
Matchbook by Krista Charles

I think I'm back.
Anyone still reading this?