9 August 2011

Zodiac styling

Virgo by D.Wolf, Brigitte issue 2011
discovered via here

Today I discovered the work of the very talented Dietlind Wolf via Imke Klee's beautiful and always inspirational blog. Wolf is a visual designer and stylist, who takes beautiful pictures as well. The image above is part of a series he styled, based on the signs of the Zodiac.  I was immediately drawn to this particular image (even though some others are equally beautiful) and what do you know: I picked my own star-sign!  Coincidence or intuition? All I know is that it made me laugh.  How do you feel about yours?


Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

wow, that was so interesting!

i'm not sure where the inspiration is coming from though. as an astrology nut, i find some of these odd choices. capricorn seems completely opposite to what i would see as fitting for that sign.
so i'm not sure how astro 'correct' they are, but certainly fun.

glad we've found each other. :)

demie said...

i would argee with Monica- astrologicaly i don`t understand them- aries- my starsign was not that bad though. more down to earth food. simple and strong. and i liked the colours on it ( but where is my fork? ). the idea is fun and the pictures realy great : )

E. said...

@ Monica and Demie: I totally agree that the images themselves don't seem to be 'right' somehow for each star sign. If you had given me the pictures and asked me to match them with the signs I would have 'failed' miserably. I wouldn't have paired mine with Virgo, for instance. Still, I love how most of them are styled, so I was drawn to the compositions and colours. And I loved how my favourite turned out to be Virgo, my sign.

@ Monica: Welcome! Glad you dropped by!

X E.