31 August 2011

Let's fro

Penelope Tree, 1967

Marsha Hunt, 1968
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Julia Sarr Jamois, 2011
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P. Roversi, Vogue Italia, March 2002
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Pat Cleveland by A. Springs, 1970
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Herieth Paul, Elle Canada, July 2011
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Seems like the Afro is making a come-back.


demie said...

thats how my hair looked like in high school ; P

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

i adore Julia Sarr Jamois one.

sunny said...

And here too :)


E. said...

@ Demie: :-)) Oooh, I want to see that!!!

@ Monica: I love Julia too!

@ Sunny: How kind of you to pop in! It's always so lovely when new people come by. Thank you for the link too!

X E.