12 August 2011


Knitted bathing suits

Supermarket of Style by Angelo Figus
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Sculptural knits
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Hand-knitted men's coat by Romain Brau, 2007

Knitted cotton dress by Bruno Pieters, S/S 2004

Dress by Iben Höj, 2009

Left: knitted dress by Mark Fast, S/S 2010
Right: knitted dress by Mark Fast F/W 2010

Knitted sweater in wool, mohair and leather
Raf Simons F/W 1999

As promised: some images from the exhibition Unravel at Antwerp's fashion museum MoMu. 

One of my favourite parts was Figus' Supermarket of Style (image 2). To visualize the 2006 fashion trends, he created a knitted supermarket for the 2004 Italian fashion fair Pitti Filati. The 'store' contains knitted versions of diverse status-symbols such as a Burberry trench, a Rietveld chair and Vuitton and Chanel handbags. Truly extraordinary.     

Some of the individual pieces I particulary liked were Brau's men's coat and Pieters' evening dress. Both are really intricate pieces.

My absolute favourite was Iben Höj's delicate knitted dress. It was created for the 2009 Copenhagen exhibition 'Kraka's dresses - nearly nude'. Doesn't it look just like a spiderweb which has been destroyed in places?

(all images by me unless otherwise stated)


Carole said...

Your favourite is mine too. Beautiful work. Thanks for the show.

demie said...

oh! i wish i was there! i think my favourites are the knitted bathing suits : )

E. said...

@ Carole: you're welcome!

@ Demie: the bathing suits are really cute, aren't they. Not so sure about wearing one though, imagine them all wet and soggy!

x E.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, the only thing that bothered me was that the Romain Brau coat wasn't knitted, but crocheted !