24 August 2011


Ladakh, India by Steve McCurry

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When it comes to my own style, I'm very much the minimalist. However, I still love these tribal accessories. It must be my inner hippie-child. Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a culture where flowers in your hair were part of your daily attire? .


demie said...

the first one is very Frida Kahlo! well... i would not go out with so much decoration... but i like sometimes to have a flower ( made of fabric) on my jacket or blouse. just a bit over my heart ; )

vibeke said...

i am also more of a minimalist both when it comes to clothes, accessories and interior but the interesting is that i notice that i am often inspired and drawn to the oppsite. one of my friends are "maximalist" and when i visit her house i ALWAYS feel inspired, i couldn't manage to live in a house with so much color, pattern and things but to VISIT is heavenly : )
i LOVE your beautiful delicatepost
and the quotepost (both from the 22of august)! both the qoute and your thoughts spoke too me...


Carole said...

Can you imagine how heavy these would be to wear. I'm also more of a minimalist (wedding ring, glasses, possibly a watch, occasionally a necklace) but I love these images.

E. said...

@ Demie: That's a lovely image, a flower over your heart! It made me msile!

@ Vibeke: Yes! I too get really inspired by maximalism, yet tend to stick to minimalism in my own life!

@ Carole: Glad you like them!

x E.