8 October 2011

To J.

via unknown

My love, 6 years ago we started our story with a kiss. Ever since, life hasn't been easy on us; we've had to deal with more challenges than most  have to in an entire lifetime. Yet, together we've bravely faced them all. We've come to understand that good health is indeed the greatest treasure a person can have, but that even without it, we can find joy. And now, it feels as if we've been given the chance of a fresh start. I'm so looking forward to the next 50 years or so with you. I love you. Yes, I really really do!


demie said...

oh E.! i wish you both faith, hope and most of all... love! everything can be faced as long two people love eachother ...

agnes szucs said...

i can't find such beautiful words as Demie, but i wish you all the best in those next fifty or so years together, from the depth of my heart.


vibeke said...

oh, what a beautiful and strong post dear e...
wishing you the very very best
for the future to come!


E. said...

@ all: my dear friends, thank you for your beautiful words!

xx E.