11 October 2011

Apartment love

via here

While preparing for my upcoming Paris trip I came across this apartment. It is part of a renovated electrical cable company in the 18th arondissement. I'd love to live there, with that courtyard! And how cute is that shopfront they created ? Click on the images to enlarge.


Carole said...

It would be nice to live there, especially with the courtyard. Did they cover all their books with brown paper? It's a clean effect.

odessa said...

oh, how lovely. i used to look at parisian apartments for rent and dream of going to the city of lights...i need to do that again. who knows, it might come true in the (near) future. :)

Anonymous said...

Waw, totally in love with this apartment!!! I would instantly move there :-)

E. said...

@ Carole: yes, they did cover all their books. It looks lovely, I agree, ut somehow I worry a little about their sanity :-)

@ Odessa; I still do that now! I fantasize about starting a whole new life in Paris. And I usually work for trendwatcher Li Edelkoort. How realistic of me, no? :-)

@ Vie: let's move there together!

xx E.