27 October 2011

I saw the light

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In my opinion, beautiful lamps are one of the most difficult things to find. There's always something wrong with them: too expensive, too many unnecessary frills, too cheap-looking.  Olivier Abry, a designer from Lyon, comes to the rescue. He makes the most beautiful lamps out of vintage parts. Every single lamp is a unique piece and I think they really have their own 'personality'. I'd love one (or two, or three) for our new place. You can see and buy his lamps here.

Olivier also has a fantastic blog - one of the few blogs with a sense of humour, I think.  I've been a fan and follower of his blog for such a long time, but strangely enough it never really dawned on me that he made such great lamps. I was so fixated on the images on his blog that I never really paid much attention to the sidebar. Silly me! Luckily, I saw the light last weekend! And now so will you!


Monica said...

tell me about it. i need at least 2 lamps and have been looking all year! too expensive, too not our decor style, to cheap looking....

love those blue panels.

vibeke said...

i totaly agree:
beautiful lamps is incredibly difficult to find!!!
glad you saw the light : )

ohh, how i love the colorshades in the first photo!!!

woke up to a grey and cold day today, so now there is warm tea in my cup and fire in the fireplace...think it is going to be a cosy indoor day : )

i am often coming in here just to read the " a quiet protest" post, some very few posts you never forget...they touch you so deep that they are unable to forget....that post of yours is like that for me...



What a nice post ! ( & so nice comments...)
Thank you dear Ellen
A très bientôt...

SoLoveLy{decoration] said...

i love his work!
bon week end

E. said...

@ SoLovely: I love his work too! Thank you so much for dropping in and for your comment! I hope to see you again soon!

x E.