24 October 2011


Ilva, Tiger mag, Oct 2011

I love the idea behind this jacket made of moving blankets. Very appropriate for what I've got on the brain these days!


hila said...

this brings a new meaning to the idea of a "cosy" jacket :)

demie said...

i would love this one as a... blanket! not as a coat though... good to hear from you E. thanks a lot. hope your week is wonderful : )

E. said...

@ hila: yes it does! It does look rather stiff though, not sure it actually IS cosy! :-)

@ demie: I wouldn't wear it either, but I love the idea. Big kiss.

x E.

agnes szucs said...

:) i laughed very hard on your comment on the "looks" i posted, because i was to say the same on this one... one of my favorite editorials recently... even got it lined up for posting. :)

i don't like the "great minds think alike" saying, because i don't think they do, and i don't know whether i'm a great mind... but i kinda like it, when we both like something. :)

this jacket is wonderful... looks like plain vateline or the towel you wipe the floor with, only more stiff... i guess it's some kind of felted wool...

have a marvellous time in Paris!!!


maybe you can visit the Grazia café that you once posted the logo of... :)