6 October 2011


A quote I've always tried to live by, especially now that I'm dreaming about redecorating our new place.


Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

me too. i do include (great) sentimental value as well.

demie said...

i agree! thats why we are having a garage sale in the spring!!!

LatteLisa said...

that's one of my all time favourite quotes!

Carole said...

Yes, I agree and try to live by that quote also". It was hard to follow when my little ones ran around playing with ugly plastic toys.

E. said...

@ Monica: Yes! Me too, but I cheated a little by thinking that's included in 'beautiful' :-)

@ Demie: Oh, I'll have to come to Norway then! :-)

@ Lisa: Mine too!

@ Carole: Yes, it's hard to live by it sometimes. Still, I really believe in allowing children ugly, plastic toys. My mum and dad always bought us really beautiful, stylish wooden ones, and all I yearned for was some plastic in lurid colours! :-)

x E.