24 September 2011

Thank you

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Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes. They've really warmed my heart!

 I had a really nice day yesterday: going out for a leisurely breakfast with the boyfriend in the morning and for a yummy meal in the evening and catching up on some much-needed sleep. Bliss! Tomorrow afternoon I'm having a small get-together for friends, which I'm really looking forward to!  Turning forty isn't that bad after all!  

I'm most excited though by the gift the boyfriend gave me: a trip to Paris! He couldn't have picked anything nicer as Paris is my favourite city in the world. Just walking around there makes me so very happy. I know Paris quite well, but have no idea what's changed the past years. So, any tips (for interior shopping and coffee drinking especially!) are more than welcome!


Designbird said...

Happy birthday, a bit late... What a great gift, Paris is also one of my favorite places. I have a Paris guide with some nice coffeebars on my blog. Look under labels: travel

design traveller said...

A trip to Paris! Isn't your boyfriend perfect?
Happy birthday!

E. said...

@ Designbird: Thank you! I checked out your list, it's really great! Thanks for the tip!

@ Designtraveller: well, he's not exactly perfect, but I must admit I found a really good one! :-)

x E.

Carole said...

I have no tips but am very happy/jealous for/of you!
It's been almost 3 yrs since I was in Paris house sitting with 2 girlfriends. Oh I love Paris too.