3 September 2011


Pringle of Scotland sweater
via here

Phillip Lim sweater
via here

With autumn around the corner, my desire to start knitting again is beginning to itch. (I never seem to knit in summer). I'm in love with the first sweater (I'd leave out the cable around the neckline, I think). However, it's the pattern of the second one that intrigues me most.

Any tips on good online resources for modern knitting patterns? Is Ravelry any good?


demie said...

i have to check out pringle of scotland... thank you for warm words about my house details E. i appreciate it : )

Anonymous said...

A long long long time ago (longer than I care to remember!) I was going to start knitting again and got a Ravelry account. It was very inspiring but I never started knitting again! Maybe one day ;-)

E. said...

@ Demie: you're very welcome! :-)

@ Lisa: I know that feeling! :-)

x E.

chasing lightning bugs said...

i'm a winter knitter too. except it's nothing more than little square facecloths or washing cloths. good luck with the sweaters. they are lovely.