20 May 2011

Kimono love

Vintage Japanese kimonos

When I was four, I was given a real (tiny) kimono by my uncle, who worked in Japan at the time. It was red and gold and I wanted to wear it all the time: as a dressing gown, as a costume for carnival, as a coat or just as a dress in summer. When the moment came to say goodbye, when its silken threads had almost disintegrated, I cried and mourned its loss for months. When my first pay-check came, eighteen years later, I knew exactly which item of clothing I would invest in and started my search for my second kimono. I found it in a little shop selling vintage Japanese objects. It was perfect: black with hot pink and soft pink blossoms. It serves as a dressing gown in Summer, but most of the time, I hang it on my bedroom wall, so I can just look at it. I recently came across this website, which sells vintage kimonos and it sent my heart aflutter. Wouldn't it be nice if I could pick a kimono for every day of the week?

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