19 February 2012


Vase by Wonderable
via here

Browsing the net in search of beautiful items for our apartment, I came across Dutch company Wonderable.   Its founder, Carla Peters, designs and makes the most exquisite home accessories in cooperation with craftspeople around the globe. I'm in love with the vase above; made in Thailand with a Dutch Delft-like pattern. 


Monica said...

definitely a beautiful vase

edit: trying again. argh to word verification...

Audrey said...

Oh this is beauty!! i visit the website, beautiful work!

(i see i'm not the only one who have problem with
the word verification, grrrr..)

E. said...

I intensely dislike this new word verification thing too! I picture this nasty little man behind a computer thinking up the most bizarre and illegible words in the world! :-)

x E.

Felicia Shelton said...

I saw this vase at the giant trade show Maison et Objet that I get to photograph from to time. Wonderful company created by people who really want to share beautiful things with the world. I felt that in their work.