13 January 2012


details of Rugcycle rugs
via here

No one makes rugs like Swedish company Rugcycle. Made from recycled materials they look like aerial images of landscapes or fields of tulips. I love them.


Anya adores said...

Gohs I love these - they are great:)
Happy weekend sweets,

vibeke said...

love them tooooo!
i bought a new rug/carpet for my living room some weeks back. it is beige/grey, kind of rough, woollen and has a weaved look to it...but still soft and nice to walk on.


E. said...

@ Anya: glad you like them too! Have a lovely weekend as well.

@ Vibeke: oh, I'd love to see you rug! Any tips on where to find nice ones which are still affordable? We've been looking for a beige, rough one ourselves, but they're all sooooooooo expensive!

x E.