19 January 2012


Casual Poet café menu
via here

I love the idea of a menu on textile. The fact that it's handwritten only adds to its charm. 
Casual poet culture is  a small creative company based in Singapore. Their coffeehouse may be gone now,  they still have a radio-show, publish a magazine and do lots of other interesting things. I discovered their blog yesterday and was struck by its often poetic content.  


Monica said...

i would appreciate it as well. so sensual.

Carole said...

I'd want to take it home with me!

demie said...

thanks for the recommentation. going there now!

LatteLisa LisaHjalt said...

that is one serious commitment to a menu ... it looks awesome!

chop and crop said...

i love writing and drawing on material and textiles. this looks so sweet.