30 March 2011

Orangina inspiration

Fifties Orangina ad by Villemot

Russian fashion designer Vika Gazinskaya
via alltheprettybirds

Fifties Orangina ad by Villemot

Orangina, my favourite drink as a child. There's something endearing and magical about it: the cute bottle with its rounded belly, the fact you had to shake well before drinking, the vibrant colours.  Clearly, it offers wardrobe inspiration too. Doesn't she look like she stepped out of a vintage Orangina ad?


Gemma Correll

I found this image a long, long time ago, but it still makes me laugh every time I see it.

29 March 2011

Dick Bruna window dressing and a bit about me

all images Dick Bruna

The covers of these Havank crime-novels were designed in the 60's and 70's by illustrator/designer Dick Bruna. He is best known for his Nijntje-books (Miffy in English) but clearly he excelled at other types of graphic design too. I love, love, love his work. Aren't these covers amazingly beautiful? I used them as extra pops of colour today when I dressed the window for the Oxfam Boutique I volunteer at (thanks Eva --> = the 'boss',  for pointing them out to me!). They sold almost instantly. 

We sell vintage clothing, accessories and books and the proceeds go to charitable causes. I love volunteering there, as it has given me an opportunity to finally try my hand at something I had always dreamed of doing but was always afraid to try: styling and window-dressing. I'm learning so much - and every now and again I get some really positive feedback from customers. So sometimes, late at night, when I'm in bed, I allow myself to dream and think that maybe I do have a creative streak after all. I always considered that thought to be very arrogant, so I never really explored doing anything visually creative. I was raised an "intellectual"; the mind was God, the senses were to be ignored. Aesthetics were considered to be 'frivolous' unless you could produce serious ART with a capital 'A'. Thus, I made my career out of words, thoughts and being a lecturer (which I really loved)  Now I'm nearing 40 and I think it's high time I allow myself to do things my gut tells me to do. 

If you ever find yourself in Antwerp - living there or visiting: feel free to pay our shop a visit. It is located at 27, Brederodestraat. I'm there on Tuesday mornings, but of course you can drop in any time you feel like it.

28 March 2011

Unravelling II

via annaoctober.com

More unravelled knitwear by Ukranian designer Anna October, discovered on Trendtablet.


Knitwear unravelling creates beautiful textures. It also takes me back to when I was four and my grandmother taught me how to knit.

Jumping for joy

by photographer Romina Bacci

Marilyn Monroe

Mary Wigman

Brigitte Bardot
 by Philippe Halsman

Yves Klein
Jump into a Void

Marilyn Monroe

by photographer René Lartigue

27 March 2011


all images Sandra Backlund

Beautifully crafted fashion by knitwear designer Sandra Backlund

26 March 2011


DMOCH lamps

Marion Vidal for Anthropologie 


source unknown

Painter Ben Nicholson

Belgian artist Philip Dujardin

Piet Hein Eek wallpaper

source unknown

25 March 2011


Céline furry peep-toe

Fur cup and saucer
by artist Meret Oppenheim


source unknown

source unknown

source unknown

source unknown

artist Chad Wys

via things i like, things i love

Identity and anonymity are topics that have always fascinated me. In this era of virtual communication, who are we? Are we becoming even more of who we truly are, unhindered by staring glances? Do we get closer to the essence of the other person much faster than we would in 'real' life? Just by focusing on their 'voice'  - be it words that are written or images that are shown? Or are we slipping away from true connections without realising it?

Color story

gas station by William Eggleston

Ashley Tonner, photographer

Bright blues, yellows and oranges feel fresh and in season now.

24 March 2011


Nijntje by Dick Bruna

Another lovely, sunny day here in Antwerp. Time to leave the computer behind and venture outdoors.

23 March 2011


Jewellery made out of recycled paper
by Janna Syvänoja
by Sally Mann

Black relief

source unknown

Tactile accessory
 by Anastasiya Komarova
Black sea urchin
Black rubber floor tile
Stephanie Rammeloo black surface 
via Hannasroom
Fashion image 
by Claudia Knoepfle & Stefan Indlekoter

Black relief surfaces evoke a sense of nostalgia in me. When I was a child in the seventies, our house had a black, studded rubber floor. At the time, this type of floor was only used in the metro and I'm sure my parents thought they were being very avant-garde!