30 April 2013

Cat language

This made me laugh. I've got one of those at home.

24 April 2013


2. Azaleas and apple blossoms, C. Coleman, 1879

23 April 2013


I love the design of and idea behind Stone, a range of conceptual kitchen appliances by design collective Angry Bananas - a group of Design students at Goldsmith's College, London.

Stone is a range of wireless kitchen appliances, made from sustainable materials such as porcelain and birch wood. Every product is lined with mica, which insulates the heat, so that the appliance can go straight onto the table without leaving any burnmarks.

With this project the students investigated how induction cooking hobs could be used to improve cooking appliances. The interface on the stove works with a ringtone or programmable voice and lets users know when the food is ready. 

Clever and beautiful!

17 April 2013


1. Sarah Moon - then, now, always!

16 April 2013

12 April 2013


Loving these magazine covers. Just life as it is.

8 April 2013

Metro cuffs

You know the feeling: you're in a foreign city with a subway, but you don't want to look like a tourist. No, you're Parisian - anyone can see that! Your style, your aura of ennui, your je-ne-sais-quoi... You wouldn't be caught dead pulling out that metro-map, screaming 'Hey, I don't actually live here!'

Designhype have come to the rescue with their metro cuffs. Can't tell your Porte des Lilas from your Porte d'Orléans? Nothing a quick glance at your wrist won't fix. Clever! They'd be even better I think if they were to execute them in a precious metal instead of stainless steel. Jewellery with a plus.

Btw, the metro seems to be inspiring others as well. Check out Tokyo Arteria here.

5 April 2013

Natural collection

Natural collection by Spanish textile and rug company Nanimarquina.

3 April 2013


How amazing are these masks by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot? They actually started out as an experiment gone 'wrong'. Bertjan was trying to make carpets by stitching rope together. However, he never managed to get a flat surface so he nearly gave up on this project. And then he saw this 'failure' as an opportunity and these masks were born. Inspiring!

Btw, my statistics tell me that I've got quite a few Belgian readers. Well, fellow countrymen and -women: I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a note sometime!