22 May 2013


Made by Hand: The Bikemaker.

Honest and moving.

19 May 2013

18 May 2013

Sorted books

Clever and funny: Sorted books by artist Nina Katchadourian. Makes me want to get started on my bookcase!

13 May 2013


1. Instintos Primarios for Calle 20 magazine, edition 63
2. Julian Hoenig, Inverted, 2013

12 May 2013


"After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world." P. Pullman

And that's why I love story-driven websites like the one above.

8 May 2013


1. Petal pendant
2. Ribbon bracelet

The things our fathers teach us, they take on a shape we carry with us through life. What is it we learn through kind encouragement, cold shoulders, the string of 'how to's' and 'how not to's'?

As I'm getting older, I find myself closely observing fathers and daughters. It seems as if those girls who were/are close to their fathers have a sense of confidence and centredness that others lack. Whenever I learn of a creative collaboration between a father and his daughter, I'm particularly touched. Most of you will already know Herriott-Grace. If you don't, you can watch a video about them here.

Wsake is another inspiring father-daughter duo. He is a silversmith, she a graphic designer. And in their workshop in Regensburg, Germany, they create the most beautiful jewelery (and other objects). 

So, what is it your father taught you about life?

5 May 2013

This is Belgian

Interior decorator Bea Mombaer's home. Discover her stylish and inspiring universe here.

1 May 2013